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New Hope, TX: Where New Beginnings Happen

New Hope, TX - All Pro Dumpsters Frisco
Collin County Courthouse in New Hope - All Pro Dumpsters Frisco

New Hope is part of Collin County and has a population of only 600, according to 2020 census data. This is a class B city that follows an aldermanic form of government which is under the general law of Texas. New Hope city also has a total land area of 1.7 square miles.


What Awaits You in New Hope TX

Surrounding this small, quaint city are many wonderful spots to explore. Though New Hope, TX itself doesn’t have these wonders, there are places nearby if you are looking for some recreational activities. Below are some of those places and activities.

Old Settler’s Park

A nearby recreational spot for a walk or a biking trip with friends and family, the Old Settler’s Park is just the perfect place for kids and adults alike to enjoy the outdoors. This place is found in McKinney, TX, which is just a short drive away from New Hope.

The Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney

Also in McKinney is the home of the famous Crape of Myrtle Trails, making it an amazing place to visit. These Crape Myrtles flower from June to August, with peak bloom happening in late June and early July.

Rec Centers in McKinney

A pride to this city are the rec centers offering activities for families. They boast a public swimming pool and aquatic center that welcomes both visitors and residents. Families can have some quality time together right here while also trying out the sports offered here.

Experts in Keeping Your Waste Out of Your Way

Dumpster Rental Services in New Hope TX - All Pro Dumpsters Frisco

There’s more to keeping your surroundings clean than just maintaining the aesthetics. Your health becomes at risk if your trash stays longer than necessary. For that reason, reputable dumpster rental companies, like All Pro Dumpsters Frisco, exist. All Pro Dumpsters Frisco is here to assist any homeowner or business owner who is struggling to find ways to dispose of their garbage properly.

We have the solution to your problem! The methods in waste management that we practice are aligned with the rules and policies of the local government as proof of the safety of our services. Whichever size of dumpster you need, between 10 cubic yards and 40 cubic yards, we have it! We have enough containers to help you with any kind of cleanup project. We’ll also guide you in picking out the right dumpster for your needs.

Keep your family safe from bacteria and germs brought on by a messy environment. Hire our experts in waste management and dumpster rental services today. Call us at 972-586-2956 and reserve the date of delivery and pickup of your roll off container.

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