How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

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Christmas is not complete without a Christmas tree. It’s what spreads the spirit of love and possibility at this time of the year. Every family celebrates around it, having gifts lined up around it to be opened on that very special day. Yet, should it have to be artificial or live? Whichever you choose, disposing of your Christmas tree after the holidays is a must. Here, we will discuss on how to dispose of your Christmas tree

How to Dispose of Your Christmas Trees

In many cases, using live Christmas trees from the farm has more benefits than its artificial counterpart. One of those is the fact that it can be easily recycled. How can you do that? Find out below.

How to dispose of your Christmas trees?

· Use it as firewood.

This may only be applicable if you have a fire pit and if you are living in an area where it is allowed by the local government. Put the tree in your backyard to let it dry out for a few weeks. Once dry, cut it into smaller pieces and enjoy a fire.

Ways to Dispose of Your Christmas Trees

· Submerse it in a pond.

Submerse Christmas Tree in a pond Flower Mound, TX

Tossing your tree in a local pond or lake can benefit aquatic life – don’t forget to get permission first! Doing this will give fish a new home as well as a place for them to feed or breed. Also, for fishermen, your tree can be a bait for fish making them easier to catch. For that, you can even ask your friends or someone you know who might need it for fishing.

· Recycle it.

If you cannot accept the idea of throwing away your Christmas tree, it’s a good idea to try recycling it instead. A lot of recycling centers accept Christmas trees for free, which they will use for mulch around the community. Even Home Depot can help you if they offer tree drop-off. Lastly, a trusted local dumpster rental contractor in Frisco, TX can do this for you too.

Recycled Christmas Tree Garland, TX

· Reuse it.

Reuse Christmas Trees

Homeowners may think of things they can create with their own Christmas trees, such as a centerpiece to their dining table or a potpourri using needles that are not too dry.

Other Uses Live Christmas Trees

Other Uses Live Christmas Trees Hebron Carrollton

1. Make mulch out of its chips and needles. One ideal fertilizer to your garden is the mulch that come from wood chips or needles, which keep the soil healthy and moist even during the winter season.

2. Turn it into a wildlife sanctuary. Though already cut down and no longer growing as a live tree, they can still serve as a sanctuary for animals like birds.

3. Create coasters. Make lovely coasters with the remains of your felled tree. You can be creative and cut down the tree into small thin coasters that you can use at home.

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